Sunday, July 6, 2008

The East

The Amish have made store bought strawberries an affront to society. My parents just wrapped up a tour of eastern Ohio. You know, where all of the Amish live. Where they grow their own food and build everything they use. They're some of the most hardcore people in this country. More badass than Hell's Angels.

So with all those years of practice, they obviously know what they're doing when it comes to growing food. Mom and dad shared with me the strawberries they had brought back. They were so sweet it was like eating candy. Their colour was a deep rich red, and the texture just right. Unbelievable.

Well, I got home from my trip today and decided to eat some of the strawberries I had in my 'fridge. I think the only word that can describe them would be "leathery."

Leathery strawberries.

What the hell.

I can't do the supermarket anymore.

And oh yeah, their cheese is the same way. Liquid awesome.


Dr-Rotwang said...

I like that tradition they have, where they give teeners some time on their own to experience life outside of their culture.

Now, whether the kids use that time wisely...

Meraud said...

I think its the cheese and strawberries that brings them back in the end. It has to be. We've got Metropolis for gods sake!

Andrew said...

Lived in the heart of Amish country for 4 months in Eastern Ohio and it's a lot different then you see in the movies or the tourist brochures. From what I observed you're typical Amish person:

-Shops at walmart-including a cart full of doritos.
-Stops by McDonalds or Burger King for the occasional bite.

Less, but still a signficant portion, will:
-hop on the internet at the public library
-talk to their friends on their cell phone
-run an online business, out of an "Englisher's" garage.

About the only thing I never saw one do was drive a car. They're definitely distinct in their culture, and to be admired in a lot of ways. The degree to which they have accepted "modern" things isn't a knock on them, it was just rather suprising.

Meraud said...

My parents actually stayed with Amish people while they were over there and this seemed to be their experience as well. Apparently there's a significant paradigm shift occurring in certain sects of that faith.