Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I'm very proud of myself

I just got this email from my boss at PBS. He sent it around to the other Board Op's and other various people in charge.

I ALREADY want to clone Phil!! He’s a truly nice guy and obviously very capable... We had some weather issues yesterday (his 3rd shift alone) and he handled the EAS like he knew what he was doing (he did) and we experienced rain fade which ruined a recording and took him off air (he was airing net). I just happened into the area as the Technical Difficulties went up and he was glad to see me. He sorta knew what was going on but didn’t know how long it would last. We had a discussion about different scenarios that he stored away and by then, the nets were coming back. He also missed the early Barney recording due to weather (he got sidetracked by the EAS stuff) but had the forethought to check the PLT and found the later feed which he caught. That’s rare for a student; especially one with his lack of experience. I sure hope he stays around a while. Kudos to Casey, Matt S. and Matt Z. for doing a great job training him. I know it helps when you have someone exceptional to train but I’m very happy with the situation! I hope Dillon is half as good...if so, we’ll be in really good shape!


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Amy said...

Spiffy! Congrats!