Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I'm good at Rock Band

I had my mind blown on Sunday. I have rhythm.

Erin and I spent Easter with her whole family at her sister Shannon's house. Shannon has 3 boys who recieved Rock Band for Christmas. Now, I've always been slightly skeptical about rhythm games like this. I don't really care for rock music. I'm also not particularly dexterous or quick and my reaction time isn't what it needs to be in order to play these games successfully.

I was soon to be proven wrong.

I had always been pretty interested in the concept of the game. I mean, who wouldn't want to play a game like that with 3 other friends, cheering each other on and laughing at everyone's mistakes. There just seemed to be a lot of good cheer baked on into the game formula. Sure you can play it competitively, but you didn't have to. Straight away, the main reason I don't play games with others (I absolutely hate competition) vanishes. So I decided to pick it up and play with my 2 brother in laws.

It was fucking sweet. We weren't amazing but we certainly weren't bad. Granted we were playing on easy but except for Brent (Shannon's husband) we'd never played the game before. I started with the guitar and was really pleased with it. It far simpler than I had expected thanks to the games brilliant mapping of the notes. I had always been afraid that the notes you played on the instruments and the melody of the song wouldn't coincide very gracefully. I was totally wrong. It makes playing the songs feel very intuitive.

Then I tried the drums.

Holy crap. Much harder than the guitar, but not so hard I couldn't do it. So much fun though. Made me feel like I was actually playing an instrument. Just brilliant. If I had friends that came over to my house a lot I would actually consider dropping 180 dollars on the thing. It's that much fun.

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Mike said...

Dance Dance Revolution; no one can play it without looking totally gay.

Guitar Hero and Rock Band; for some reason, musical instrument simulators depress me. I just think, for $180, get a real guitar. Or a used Alesis Micron off of ebay.

Audiosurf; racing/puzzle hybrid based on music from your own collection. You don't look gay playing it. No extra equipment necessary. Only $10.

Audiosurf for the fucking win.